Logging in:

If you are new to e-TIDES, you must obtain a User Id and Password (electronic signature).  This is a one time only process.  E-Signature is online verification and electronic signature system.  It provides individual accountability for all returns and payments made through the e-Services Center and other online applications available through the Department.  It also allows the legal use of signature authority through this system so all transactions performed can be legally bound to an individualís signature. 

On the Login page, click on the Register button if you are a new user.  You will be required to create a User ID and Password. 

Only one User ID and Password is needed per user.  You may register more than one client/enterprise for filing through e-TIDES under the same User ID and Password.  If more than one filer/user will need access to an enterprise please see the Multiple Filer User instructions contained in these instructions.

Setting up your Enterprise Profile:

After your Electronic Signature (User ID and Password) has been approved, you must register your Enterprise by selecting "Register an Enterprise for Electronic Filing" from the from the left navigation bar.

Sales, Use and Hotel Occupancy Tax and Employer Withholding Tax:

You must provide the enterprise's Tax Account number, Entity ID and Type of Entity ID (i.e. EIN, SSN, etc.).  Your information will be validated immediately.  You will not be asked to select a payment method or to supply your banking information.  you will be prompted to select a payment method during the return/payment filing process.  you will also be able to change payment methods and banking information real time if you selected ACH Debit as your payment method.

All other Types of Tax:

You must provide demographic information for your Enterprise. You may select either ACH Debit or ACH Credit as your payment method.  The Department recommends using ACH Debit. If you are currently registered with the Department of Revenue to make electronic payments via ACH Debit, and you are registering for any other tax type, you must provide your Information Reporting ID number provided to you in your telephone reporting instructions.

When you complete your Enterprise Registration, your information will be processed electronically within three business days.

NOTE:  Only those enterprises that have established a tax account with the Department of Revenue can register to use e-TIDES.  If you are a new business and need to obtain a tax account number(s), use the PA100 Pennsylvania Enterprise Registration form or register using the Online PA100 at www.pa100.state.pa.us.



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