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Getting Assistance for Employer Withholding Tax

PA Department of Revenue

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  For assistance, please contact the Department through the Online Customer Service Center.   Online Customer Service Center
e-Business Tax Unit (717) 783-6277
Employer Withholding Tax Information:
  Billing Notices or Assessment   (717) 783-5271
  Credit or Refund Inquiries   (717) 783-6260
  Reporting W-2 Information   (717) 787-7635
Account Information:
  Completion of Forms    
  Change/Correction Form (REV-1705)    
  Cancellation Form (REV-1706)   (717) 787-1064
  Responsible Party Information
Form (REV-563)
General Information:
  Taxpayer Service and Information Center   (717) 787-1064
  FACT & Information Line:
  Nationwide   1-888-PA TAXES
  Within the local Harrisburg area   (717) 772-9739
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  Service for Taxpayers with Special
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