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e-TIDES Assistance
  e-Business Tax Unit717-783-6277
  e-TIDES Instructions
  REV-1176 e-TIDES Administrative Access Change Request Form
  REV-677 Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative Form
  e-TIDES Document Center Overview
  Document Center Instructions
  Online Customer Service Center

Tax Specific Assistance
  Bank Shares Tax/Bank Loans Tax717-705-6225
  Cigarette Stamp Agents717-783-9374
  Consumer Fireworks Tax717-787-8326
  Corporation Taxes717-705-6225
  Employer Withholding Tax717-787-7635
  IFTA or Motor Carriers Road Tax800-482-4382
  Insurance Premiums Tax717-705-6225
  Liquid Fuels and Fuels800-482-4382
  Market Place Sellers Uploads717-346-2136
  Marine Insurance Premiums Tax717-705-6225
  Mutual Thrift Institutions Tax717-705-6225
  Tobacco Products and License Renewal717-783-9374
  Public Transportation Assistance Fund Taxes/Fees717-787-8326
  Public Utility Realty Tax717-705-6225
  Sales, Use & Hotel Occupancy Tax717-787-8326
     DOH Clean Indoor Air Act Helpline717-783-6600
  Utilities Gross Receipts Tax717-705-6225
  Vehicle Rental Tax717-787-8326
  Wage Garnishment  (DOR Taxes Only)717-787-3911
  Wine Excise Tax717-787-8326

General Information
  Pennsylvania Department of
  Tax Registration Office717-787-3653
  Taxpayer Services and Information Center717-787-1064
  Service for Taxpayers with Special Hearing and Speaking Needs  (TT Only)1-800-447-3020