Table Of Contents

File Tax Return and/or Payment

Selecting Form Options:

To file a tax return and/or payment, follow the instructions below:

1.     From the left navigation bar, select "File Return/Payment".

2.     Select the appropriate tax type from the drop down box and click on the Continue button.

3.     Select to File a Sales and Use Tax Return or Payment and click the Continue button.

4.     On the Filing Options screen select a period to file. e-TIDES automatically displays the current period due.

5.     When needing to report 1% (.01) Local Tax for Allegheny, 2% (.02) Local Tax for Philadelphia or 1% (.01) Philadelphia Hotel Occupancy Tax be sure to click the box next to the appropriate county/counties (inserts a check mark).

6.     If making a pre-payment, use the "Sales Tax Pre-payment" option. e-TIDES will automatically display the current and previous period due only.

7.     If a different filing period is needed, click on "File/Pay Previous Periods" and click the Continue button. The screen refreshes and additional periods will be displayed in the drop down box. Select the correct period to file.

8.     Select a Payment Method and click on the Continue button.

Only ACH Debit payments are transmitted through e-TIDES and are reflected in the "View Filing History". You must remove any ACH Debit blocks from your bank account before submitting an electronic payment. When selecting other payment types, you will file a return only and be directed to further payment instructions. When selecting a payment type other than ACH Debit, the return only will be reflected in the "View Filing History".

Fill in Form:

      After selecting the filing options you are presented with the PA-3 form consisting of the selected options.

1.     Use the Tab key on your key board to navigate.

2.     Fill in the amounts for Lines 1, 2, 6, 7 (State only), 11 and any "Other Payments" on Line 14 not made through e-TIDES for State and Local Taxes (if applicable). If zero enter 0.

3.     If there were any payments, including pre-payments, made through e-TIDES for this period, they will automatically be displayed in the Previous e-TIDES Payments Line 13.

4.   Calculate penalty and interest due by clicking on the Penalty and Interest Calculator link on Line 15, or by using the P & I Calculator on the Left Navigation Menu.

5.     Click the Calculate button. This will automatically calculate all amounts due, including any applicable discounts. If you collected more than what was calculated, you must report the amount collected. 65.     When the amounts are correct click the Continue button.
NOTE: If you need to file a Clean Indoor Air Act schedule, click the box and fill-in the appropriate schedule prior to clicking Continue.

6.     On the next few screens enter, verify or correct any information needed. The amounts on Lines 13, 14 and 15 will not be saved as part of the return. If you would like a copy of the return with these fields please print or save a copy of the screen prior to clicking the Submit button.

If you are filing after the due date, you may be subject to penalties and interest. If your case has been placed with a collection agency, you may be subject to additional fees for collection costs. Under Act 40 of 2005, additional costs, including but not limited to fees of up to thirty-nine percent (39%) of the amount due, and attorney fees incurred in securing payment, may be imposed on any liability not paid prior to referral to a collection agency or contract counsel.

Note:  Filing procedures may vary by tax type. Verify all information prior to clicking the Submit button. Once you click Submit, it is in the mail and therefore not retrievable.

Verify and View Filing:

       To verify and view what has been filed follow the instructions below:

1.     Select the "View Filing History" option on the left navigation bar.

2.     Choose the appropriate tax type and click on the Next button.

3.     Select the enterprise and click on the Next button.

4.     You should now be on the Internet Filing History screen. Scan down to view the tax period (Return/Payment) filed. The status next to the Return/Payment reflects where the transaction status within the e-TIDES system. The following are status definitions:

                  5.  You may print a copy of the Return/Payment from this screen by clicking on the link associated with the Return or
                       Payment under the Transaction column.

File by Multi-Import Upload:

For information on how to prepare and file by Multi-Import Upload, click on the "Instructions" link on the left navigation bar. Scroll down through the Table of Contents to the "Multi-Import" section. The information below provides brief details of each step of the upload process.

General Information:  File Format, Account Security, Required Data, File Size, View Uploaded Files, and Browser Compatibility.

Step by Step Instructions:  Prepare Your File, Select Your File to Upload, File Upload Menu Screen, Identify the Data in Your File, Data Validation, and Import the Records and Complete Process.

File Specifications:  Provides details of the information needed for your file, based on tax type and type of upload.

Multi-Import Example:  Provides details of the following 8 steps in the upload process; Make Spreadsheet, Prepare to Save File, Save as Comma Delimited File (.CSV), Verify Format, Browse for .CSV File, Set Column Names, Validate Data, and Import Date.