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Tobacco Products License Renewal Instructions

If you are a first time filer, follow the instructions here to create your User ID/Password and follow the instructions here to register the enterprise prior to renewing your Tobacco Products license.

Step 1. To begin your license renewal select License Renewal on the left navigation menu, under Tax Functions.

Step 2. On the left navigation menu, under License Renewal click on Renew License and select Tobacco Products from the drop down-box and click the Next button.

Step 3. Select the enterprise from the drop-down box and click the Select button to continue.

Step 4. The screen will display the license renewal information. On this screen you will be able to: select the licenses you would like to renew; use the search box to filter the list by entering data with the columns; use the edit option to change license details of a Tobacco Products account, and click the Continue button.

Step 5. If you have a vending license selected, your current vending locations will display. To add a new vending location, click the Add Vending Location link. To remove a vending location, click the Remove button. If there are changes needed to an existing vending location, please use the Remove button for the location, and make the corrections using the Add Vending Location link. If you don’t have a vending license selected, go to Step 6.

Step 6. Owner/Officer fields will display. You must enter at least one owner or officer for the enterprise, and click the Save button to continue.

Step 7. The Owner/Officer information you entered will display. If the information is incorrect, you may correct the information by using the Edit button or you can remove the Owner/Officer by clicking the Remove button. You must check the box if there has been a criminal conviction to report in the last two years, and click the Continue button.

Step 8. If you have a Manufacturer License, enter the Manufacture Purchasing Agent’s information. If you don’t have a Manufacturer License, go to Step 9.

Step 9. Select the bank account type using the drop-down box, and enter the bank account number and ABA routing number. The payment debit date cannot be changed. You must remove any ACH Debit blocks from your bank account, and grant the PA Department of Revenue authorization for ACH Debit transactions prior to submitting an electronic payment. Click the Next button to continue.

Step 10. The Tobacco Products Licenses selected for renewal will display. Please verify that all the information entered is correct before clicking on the Submit button. When the license renewal is submitted, you will receive a message ‘Your license renewal was submitted successfully’. If you do find that something was entered incorrectly click the Edit button to return to Step 4.

Please note: All other license types will need to fill out a PA-100 for new locations. Please visit to submit a new PA-100.