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Filer Registration

General Information:

Anyone wishing to use e-TIDES must first register. This provides individual accountability for all returns and payments made through the e-TIDES system. It also allows the legal use of signature authority through this system so all transactions performed on this system can be legally bound to an individualís signature.

Registration Process:

Click on the 'Enter e-TIDES' button. On the Login page, click on the 'Register' button. This will allow you to register to use the Department's e-Services including e-TIDES. 

You must create a User ID (minimum of 5 characters, maximum of 25) and Password (minimum of 8 characters, maximum of 20). The User ID and Password will be considered your Electronic Signature.

You only need one User ID and Password. You may register more than one client/enterprise for filing through e-TIDES under the same User ID and Password. If more than one filer/user will need access to an enterprise, please see Multiple Filer/User Capability.

Required Information: