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File Amended Tax Return

General Information:

This function allows you to amend transactions such as returns/reports (Employer Withholding or Sales Tax only) through e-TIDES.

There are two ways to access this feature:

  1. Select "File Return/Payment" and select the same period as you would like to amend.  On the detail screen Click on the File Amendment button. 

  2. Select "View Filing History" from the left navigation bar.  From your history list screen select the return.  On the detail screen, click on the File Amendment button.

Amended returns/reports cannot be filed on the same day.  You must wait one business day before filing an Amended return/report.

Note:  Filing procedures are for Sales and Employer Tax returns/reports only (PA3, and W-3).  You cannot change payment information for Sales Payment only or Employer PA501 Deposit.

To correct payment information please use the Get Assistance link on the website.