*New e-TIDES Functionality*
e-TIDES has expanded to include real-time registration, return filing and payment processing for Public Transportation Assistance Fund taxes and fees (PA-4) and vehicle rental tax (PA-5 and DAS-28). Such taxpayers may also use e-TIDES to perform regular account maintenance for changes to their bank account information, FEIN, address, legal/trade name and to cancel an account through e-TIDES.

     W-2 Information:
The year-end W-2 filing due date for 2014 is Jan. 31, 2015. You can file your W-2 transmittals (REV-1667), employee wage statements and 1099-R forms through a multi-import file upload. Select the "Instructions" link from the left navigation menu, scroll down to the "Multi-Import" section and select "File Specifications" for more information.

     1099-Misc Information:
Under Act 85 of 2012, entities paying either nonemployee compensation for Pennsylvania-based work or Pennsylvania-source oil/gas lease payments are now required to submit copies of federal forms 1099-MISC to the department. Click the following link for more information: 1099-Miscellaneous Overview.




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