Electronic Tax Information and Data Exchange System (e-TIDES) is an Internet filing system that allows electronic filing of returns, payments and/or extension requests.
Important Notice: To enhance security of taxpayer information and comply with industry standards, the Department of Revenue has made modifications and implemented new complexity rules for our e-Signature passwords.

If you have not already changed your password, or your current password does not meet these requirements, you will be prompted to change it upon login. If your new password does not meet these security standards, you will receive an error message. With the exception of these new requirements you should not notice any difference when logging in.

    • Minimum Password length is 8 characters
    • Maximum Password length is 20 characters
    • New password must contain characters from at least three of the four categories below
       º Upper case letter
       º Lower case letter
       º Number
       º Special character @ { : ) . [ ^ _ } ~ * ] , - $ (

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