W-2 Information Reminder
The year-end W-2 filing due date for 2016 is Jan. 31, 2017. The timely filing of the W-2 Transmittal is critical to the overall Department of Revenue Annual Tax filings for your employees. Employers must provide their employee with a copy of the W-2 by Jan. 31, 2017. The Employer must also provide the Department of Revenue with a complete and accurate set of the employee W-2s by the same date. Failure to file or timely file is subject to penalty that the Department of Revenue may impose.

You can file your W-2 Transmittals (REV-1667), employee wage statements and 1099-R forms through a multi-import file upload. Select the "Instructions" link from the left navigation menu, scroll down to the "Multi-Import" section and select "File Specifications" for more information.

If you need additional guidance or assistance, please contact the Error Resolution Section of the Bureau of Business Trust Fund Taxes at (717) 787-7635.
--- 01/24/2017
     *New e-TIDES Functionality*
e-TIDES has expanded to include Other Tobacco Products Tax. Tobacco product licensees can now register, file tax returns and make payments electronically using e-TIDES, the department's e-filing system for businesses.

Effective Oct. 1, 2016, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff, and any other tobacco products for chewing, ingesting or smoking, except cigars, will be subject to a $0.55 per ounce tax, with a minimum tax per package of $0.66. Electronic cigarettes including both the liquid product and the delivery device will be subject to a 40 percent tax on the wholesale price. Click the following link for more information regarding the Other Tobacco Products Tax.
--- 1/3/2017
     1099-Misc Information
Under Act 85 of 2012, entities paying either nonemployee compensation for Pennsylvania-based work or Pennsylvania-source oil/gas lease payments are required to submit copies of federal forms 1099-MISC to the department. Click the following link for more information: 1099-Miscellaneous Overview.
--- 11/21/2016
     Timely Filing Vendor Discount Change
Under Act 84 of 2016, a vendor discount cap is imposed on all sales tax returns that have a period end date after August 1, 2016. When a return with full remittance is filed timely, the discount will be the lesser of $25 or 1 percent of the tax collected for a monthly filer, $75 or 1 percent of the tax collected for a quarterly filer, and $150 or 1 percent of the tax collected for a semi-annual filer. Click the following link for more information regarding Act 84 (SALES, USE & HOTEL OCCUPANCY TAX BULLETIN 16-001).
--- 7/25/2016
     Detailed Statement of Account
Business taxpayers and tax practitioners now have the ability to electronically request and receive a more detailed version of the Statement of Account (e-SOA) in PDF format through the new Document Center section in e-TIDES. The e-SOA can be requested at any time and is made available in PDF format in the Document Center to print or download on the next business day. The new online delivery saves time and money and provides more up-to-date information.
The exact steps needed to access the new functionality in the e-TIDES Document Center varies slightly based on your current access. To learn more, visit the Get Assistance section in e-TIDES for step-by-step instructions on getting setup to electronically request an e-SOA.
--- 8/22/2016



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