Timely Filing Vendor Discount Change
Under Act 84 of 2016, a vendor discount cap is imposed on all sales tax returns that have a period end date after August 1, 2016. When a return with full remittance is filed timely, the discount will be the lesser of $25 or 1 percent of the tax collected for a monthly filer, $75 or 1 percent of the tax collected for a quarterly filer, and $150 or 1 percent of the tax collected for a semi-annual filer. Click the following link for more information regarding Act 84 (SALES, USE & HOTEL OCCUPANCY TAX BULLETIN 16-001).
--- 7/25/2016
     ** New Feature **
Coming soon, business taxpayers and tax practitioners will have the ability to request an electronic Statement of Account through the new Document Center section in e-TIDES.

Currently, you can only request a Statement of Account by phone or email and a hardcopy is mailed to you. The new online delivery will save time and money, and you get up-to-date information. After submitting a request, your Statement of Account will be available as a PDF to print or download in the Document Center on the next business day.

We’ll have more information and user instructions soon.
--- 5/5/2016
     Important Notice: To enhance security of taxpayer information and comply with industry standards, the Department of Revenue has made modifications and implemented new complexity rules for our e-Signature passwords.

If you have not already changed your password, or your current password does not meet these requirements, you will be prompted to change it upon login. If your new password does not meet these security standards, you will receive an error message. With the exception of these new requirements you should not notice any difference when logging in.

    • Minimum Password length is 8 characters
    • Maximum Password length is 20 characters
    • New password must contain characters from at least three of the four categories below
       º Upper case letter
       º Lower case letter
       º Number
       º Special character @ { : ) . [ ^ _ } ~ * ] , - $ (

--- 2/10/2016



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