W-2/1099 Tax Year 2021 and Filing Due Date
Your 2021 employee wage records, 1099-R distributions, 1099-MISC/1099-NEC income, and the Annual Withholding Reconciliation Statement REV-1667 (Transmittal) are due on Jan. 31, 2022.

For performance reasons, the PA Department of Revenue has limited the number of line items to 25,000 per file. If your file size is larger than 20 MB, you must break the file into several smaller ones.

Click the following links for more information: Employer Withholding Information Page

--- 11/17/2021
     **Important Notice**
Payments or extension requests for Electric Cooperative and Agriculture Cooperative are no longer accepted through this system and must be submitted via the department’s e-Services portal at mypath.pa.gov.

NOTE: The department is on schedule to transition all remaining business tax types and accounts into myPATH in late 2022. Until then, payments or extension requests for all other business tax types must still be submitted through e-TIDES. Attempts to make payments or requests for extensions for all other business tax types through myPATH may result in system errors and delays.
--- 11/17/2021



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